Audio recordings of weekly Teaching Messages from CrossCity Women’s Tuesday Bible Study. For more information on our Bible Studies please click HERE

Current Bible Study:

1/8/19  Week One:  Welcome and Introduction to Book of Romans / Teaching Leader Kelli Crough

1/22/19 Lesson Two: When God Gives Up: Romans 1:18-3:20 / Teaching Leader Jaime Swayne

1/29/19 Lesson Three: The Father of the Faithful: Romans 3:21-4:25 / Teaching Leader Lizz Moreno

2/5/19 Lesson Four: Ruin and Rescue: Romans 5 / Teaching Leader Lizz Moreno

2/19/19 Lesson Five: Dying to Live: Romans 6 / Teaching Leader Kelli Crough

2/26/19 Lesson Six: The Human Situation: Romans 7 / Teaching Leader Kelli Crough

3/5/19 Lesson Seven: Freedom and Fulfillment: Romans 8  / Teaching Leader Lizz Moreno

3/12/19 Lesson Eight: Did God Make a Mistake?: Romans 9 / Teaching Leader Jaime Swayne

3/19/19 Lesson Nine: Romans 10 / Teaching Leader Lizz Moreno

4/2/19 Lesson Ten: Romans 11 / Teaching Leader Jaime Swayne

4/9/19 Lesson Eleven: Romans 12 / Teaching Leader Kelli Crough